I was born in the midwest, which is still in the 1800’s, so tattooing was illegal and “for the devil”. Naturally this made it more exciting and had my friends and I making homemade equipment and giving each other rubbish tattoos with electric shaver motors and sharpened guitar strings.

Since that obviously wasn’t working out I joined the Navy to “see the world”. I was exposed to tattoos from all over the world and had plenty of drunk sailor friends to practice on. Tattooing at sea on a moving ship gave me plenty of excuses for my shaky lines in the early days.

When I was on my way out of the military I met an artist who was opening his own shop. He agreed to take me in as an apprentice and teach the proper way to tattoo if I agreed to quit “ruining my friends lives”.

2 Thumbs Tattoos – Mililani, Hawaii

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